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We guarantee our workmanship and materials long after the usual one-year guarantee has expired.

Over our many years in the asphalt industry, we’ve built a solid reputation as professional pavers in Kingston and South Eastern Ontario. Clients trust our know-how, punctual job completion, exceptional reliability and professional integrity on both large and small projects. You can count on us to give you maximum services and attention to detail with minimal interruptions to daily routine.

Time, traffic, hot summer sun and the hard winter can cause cracks, ruts, holes and bumps in your asphalt pavement. Ask us about the best sealing coating to protect your asphalt investment.

Industrial, municipal, residential paving – A&A Asphalt covers a lot of ground.

  • Repairs for Roadways, Parking Lots & Paved Surfaces
  • Shopping centres
  • Industrial parks
  • Government facilities
  • Private driveways
  • Residential communities
  • Office complexes
  • Common roads
  • Recreation areas

Suggested Pavement Patching Specification

  1. Neatly line-cut perimeter of failed areas to form rectangular patches parallel to adjacent curbs, and extend into sound pavement approx. six inches in each direction.
  2. Excavate and remove from site all excavated asphaltic-concrete and base material:
    • To a depth of six inches in major roadways to truck travel ways and unloading areas.
    • To a depth of four inches in automobile roadways and parking areas.
    • To a depth of two inches or three inches in other areas.
    • (Depth of excavations to be determined by Owner’s representative)
  3. Reshape exposed sub grade and re-compact
  4. Tack edges of existing pavement with emulsified asphalt to ensure a proper bond.
  5. Furnish and place asphalt in lifts not to exceed three inches.
  6. Compact thoroughly for proper density to withstand traffic.
  7. Provide sufficient cones, barricades and other devices to guide traffic and to protect the public. Protect all adjacent areas.

*Asphalt shall comply with the Ministry of Transportation’s set of standard specifications.

  • Paving and grading
  • Overlays
  • Asphalt dig-outs
  • Handicap ramps
  • And more